Everyday How To's for Caregiving
What would you do?

New to Caregiving?

Caring for a family member or close friend is one of the most important roles you'll play. No matter where you are in the journey of family caregiving - just beginning to anticipate a need, helping coordinate a big move, or taking care of a family member full time - having a good framework to help guide both you and your loved one will make the process easier.

The AARP guide is a practical tool to help you find information, resourcs, and checklists to help you get organized.

AARP Prepare to Care - A planning guide for families.

Does Your Loved One Need Help?

Click here to download our helpful list of warning signs that your loved one may need additional help.

National Council on Aging

Staying healthy as you age can be a challenge. We can help. Our programs give older adults the knowledge and tools to prevent falls, manage chronic conditions, and improve their lives.
Website: https://www.ncoa.org/healthy-aging/

Prepare to Care: A planning Guide for Families

Prepare to Care: A Resource Guide for Families was developed by AARP to help make the job more manageable. It includes information on how to have vital conversations with older family members, organize important documents, assess your loved one’s needs and locate important resources. Watch caregiving expert Amy Goyer explain more about the guide.
Website: https://www.aarp.org/caregiving/prepare-to-care-planning-guide/

RESCUE Home - Resources and Education for Stroke Caregivers' Understanding and Empowerment

The RESCUE site is a resource for caregivers of stroke survivors. It provides them with helpful information to help their loved one and themselves through difficulties.

Webiste: https://www.cidrr8.research.va.gov/rescue/index.cfm

Iowa Department on Aging

The link to resources for older Iowans.
Website: https://www.iowaaging.gov/

Prepare For Your Care

A program to help you make medical decisions for yourself and others

Video Resources for Family Caregivers

Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) is a national nonprofit caregiver support organization headquartered in San Francisco, California. FCA's purpose is to "improve the quality of life for caregivers and the people who receive their care."

Family Caregiving How-To Video Series

The “How-To” videos and resource guides for family caregivers are on specific medical/nursing tasks – including preparing special diets, managing incontinence, wound care, mobility, and managing medications.

The videos and resource guides, many of which are available in both English and Spanish, are free of charge.

Website: https://www.aarp.org/ppi/initiatives/home-alone-alliance.html

Working with the Healthcare Team

Research has shown that communication and teamwork are among the most important aspects of high quality healthcare. The individual, family, and caregivers are a vital part of the team!

Here is a checklist:

Going and Coming Home: The NICHE Need to Know Hospital Checklist.